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I'd like to encourage the evaluation of this experiments not as an 'art project' but an 'art process' foregrounding the ways in which experimentation in media can themselves be artistic productions that do not necessarily need to arrive a fixed, permanent objects. this is not disqualify me from largely failing to achieve my prescribed objectives in first, not achieving an art/arduino project that utilizes a bicycle as its source, and second by breaking that signature rule of art production: not following along any given trajectory long enough to reach a cohesive output. these are my failings in pursuing process over product, but this a choice that i believe will yield dividends in the future.

the wintermutue interface is a 7 led light string, with the final light allowing for user interaction via a piezo disk. flicking or hitting the final led will cause a certain light reaction through the rest of the chain.

below, a number of implementations and sitings of the wintermute strand.


dark hallway installation

on a body, in motion

in a tree


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