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'Waken by Wonder' is the artistic successor to the kloud, using the bottom half of the kloud (a cacophony of illuminated tendrils) as a site of informational expression. 'Waken by Wonder' was installed above my bed for a week and a half, and was tuned to listen to a twitter account named after the project. In particular, the 'Waken by Wonder' web was listening for the names of the nine muses, which if sent to this twitter account in phrases like "@wakenbywonder illuminate the room clio erato urania" would cause LEDs paired with the Muses names to light up my room.

The results were magical. While I slept, friends sent messages to @wakenbywonder and shifted the lighting in my room. More than once, this caused me to wake up, though the wakening was always fun as I knew I was being hailed by friends.

With the 'Waken by Wonder' sculpture, I have personalized the experience I imagined with the kloud, but still played with conceptions of cloud computing and its intersection in lived reality.

The nine muses were selected as the key phrases to turn the lights on and off because I liked the idea of having inspirational constellations above my bed. Clearly, the project could be distributed and/or installed in a variety of spaces, with the intervention of twitter discourse into the space modified (i.e. the "trigger" phrases changed) so as to allow particularized participatory aesthetics.

A fun project, I owe a great deal of thanks to Sebastian Gallese, and Colleen Brogan as well as the JTwitter library.

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