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Zachary McCune
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Born September 4, 1987


Zachary Cartwright Walker McCune was born on September 4, 1987 in Boston, MA. He is a specialist in digital culture, new media art, and creative production. He is also the master of this wiki, founder of, a graduate of Brown University and the University of Cambridge.



Zachary McCune grew up in Boston, Massachusetts within walking distance of Fenway Park. He attended elementary and middle school in Winthrop, Massachusetts where his mother was for a time his computer teacher. In 2002, he entered high school at the Portsmouth Abbey where he played basketball, ran track, and edited the high school newspaper.

at Brown University

In 2006, Zack was accepted to Brown University where he would study Modern Culture & Media- a interdisciplinary program that integrated sociology, semiotics, film theory, art history, culture studies and media production. Zack focused on digital media/culture, completing an honors thesis on the 1993 video game Myst called "In Bookish Play" [1]. Zack also researched and co-taught a number of courses at Brown, including a senior History seminar on Political Cinema in Europe [2]. Throughout college, Zack was very involved in digital art production, traveling to Ars Electronica on a fellowship in 2009. He became a prominent member of Students for Free Culture, attending their 2008 summit in San Francisco, and speaking to the New York Times on the need to re-think music and copyright culture [3]. Zack also worked as research/communications intern at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society [4].

Ireland & the National Endowment for the Humanities

After graduating as a member of Phi Beta Kappa from Brown, Zack traveled to Ireland with Colleen Brogan to produce a documentary on Gaelic Games and their role in Irish Society [5]. The final product was a 32 minute film called "Playing Irish" [6]. Zack also spent a week of the summer at a "Digital Humanities Barn Raising" called 'One Week One Tool' sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities [7]. After a week of development, the collected team released Anthologize, a Word Press plugin for converting digital content into more permanent digital book formats [8].

United Kingdom

In October of 2010, Zack traveled to the UK to attend the University of Cambridge on a one year fellowship. He read for a Master's degree in Sociology, and lived at Selwyn College. His dissertation project was a close study On Instagram with a focus on user behaviors and motivations for media sharing. While At Cambridge Zack also co-founded A New Day's Work - a blog project documenting the best in emergent digital art [9]. He also learned how to play cricket and enjoyed rowing on the River Cam.

In the Fall of 2011, Zack moved to New York City.

Portfolio & Professional Stuff

  • Portfolio can be found here [10]
  • Current Research Notes can be found At Cambridge
  • Professional Profile at LinkedIn [11]
  • Thanks for checking out the wiki, take a look around!
  • Rough information on the MacEwan clan, ancestors of contemporary McCune family.
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