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Here We Go

Peter Flemming's Work

Flemming's work centers on a circuitry model that he developed called the MMMSE.


  • Start by looking at Peter Flemming's "Canoe" [1]
    • Fascinating piece
    • Paddle motion paced by build up charge needed to enact the motion
    • Mechanical system is not terribly complicated
    • Charm comes through its quaint uselessness
      • Uselessness of the machine
      • Inversion of the boat metaphor (water inside)
      • Siting in flood plain, near Yukon river
    • Technical part & Artistic consideration working in tandem

Different Motor Types

  • DC Motor -> One motion depending on charge
  • Servo Motor ->
  • Stepper Motor ->

Stepper Motor Choir

  • Another incredible piece that utilizes Flemming's MMMSE & Stepper Motors [2]
  • Documentation video is pretty good -> as it places text over the video explaining the process & whatnot
  • Unclear how the work was encountered (could you enter the project?) (Or change its settings)
  • Aesthetic decisions made demonstrate the technical process involved.

Open Source Technical Guides

  • Flemming Conveniently provides extensive documentation of his MMMSE boards
  • This guide can be found here [3]
  • Also very importantly adds notes to the documentation of the board explicating the design of the board.
  • OVERKILL in Electrical Engineering is a really good idea. It usually allows for a safer and more productive design.
  • Printed Circuit Boards -> Usually you just design your board and email the design to a third party to have them print it.

Jessica Field

  • Maladjusted Ecosystem Project -> [4]
  • Documentation critique -> Voice-Over Documentation is only good when not presented at the actual installation.
  • Robots were made from kits -> Does that compromise the project?
  • We will be looking at the aesthetic of the robots
  • Perhaps the Project critiques the idea of the RobotWar idea -> Darwinian Robot-destroy-Robot idea but substituting ideas of miscalibrated robots (unable to combat or help each other)

Lab Work

  • Using Breadboards

Monostable System

Monostable Circuit.jpg

  • Never need to regulate

Arduino Intro

  • Buy on at Modern Device [5]
  • About $30
  • Make sure the computer and the board are talking correctly:
    • Tools > Board > NAME OF ARDUINO
    • Tools > Serial Port > NAME OF USB PORT
  • Basic program is "BLINK"
  • Essentially, the Arduino IDE is Processing.


The Arduino

  • Has digital pins
  • Analog Pins
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