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Inspired by experience/conversation with Chris Witmore, professor of my excellent 13 things class.



To start a Brown University initiative for Digital Humanities.


To re-engage the study of the humanities using digital paradigms and technologies.


  • Could/should be tied in to the Cogut Center for the Humanities.
  • Also of interest to the Library system
  • Low-cost of digital technologies, particularly free & open source softwares used
  • Opportunity for mass synergy/synthesis/cooperation with many depts/people/groups/institutes:
    • Critical Theory Project
    • Students for Free Culture
    • Modern Culture & Media
    • Joukowsky Institute
    • RISD Digital Media
    • Comp. Sci
    • Library
    • Cogut/Pembroke
    • Science & Technology Studies
    • Literary Arts

Check List

I need to create a critical mass of student interested in the University engaging with this mission. I think that it is a very achievable goal, as it is something that is already happening, but certainly needs to be codified and formalized. In many ways digital humanities discussions and classes are already being taught.


One good/easy way to engage with this question is to find classes that are already engaging this question and make them into a formal list. Of course, there will probably have to be a criterion for inclusion...

  1. ARCH: 13 Things
  2. MCM: Open Source Culture


Who I should get in touch with/try to push into service of some kind


  • Joshua Kopin


  • Colleen
  • Nick Werle
  • Nick Greene
  • Sebastian
  • Schuyler
  • Alex Feldman
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