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This is the shell of an idea I've had for a while. I want to make a kick-ass Brown/Providence area blog that can compete directly with the Brown Daily Herald and the Post. In fact, I think I would like to be able to totally outgun them in the digital environment.

Most of my previous ideas have been straightforward, make a blog, get people to write for it. This always made my challenge not so much setting up and managing a digital space, as finding responsible, committed writers, and trusting in them.

Yesterday, I realized a far better thing to do: just find people already blogging, and aggregate their posts into a central site. It would be like Boing Boing, in that it would reflect numerous voices, and would hopefully escape the difficulties of having a fixed set of writers in that the existing bloggers would simply be more encouraged by this wider readership. It would be great if posts could be automatically loaded into the site, with just the need for an administrator to hit an "OK."

Sites Like What I'm After

1. NYU ITP Blog Blender - Employs "FeedWordPres" Technology to digest its Alumni's blog posts and put them all up on this one site.

2. The Bwog Columbia University's ruling blog

3. Boing Boing Doesn't really need to be introduced, but the point I am interested is their multiple author concept complete with author-as-category pages in nav bar.

The Technology

FeedWordPress - This is the software that the NYU Blog Digest uses, so I think it will work for me.

The Test-Site

Is here

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