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A special space for learning and intellectual explorations in the UK.




Over the course of ten months, from late September 2010 to early 2011, Zachary McCune enjoyed living, studying, and socializing at the University of Cambridge as a member of Selwyn College in the city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. While there, Zack learned to love Rowing and Cricket, and completed a dissertation On Instagram. Zack also took time to travel around the city, the country (especially the incomparable London), and Europe itself stopping in Berlin, Rome, and Barcelona (twice!). Now returned to the US, it seems only fitting to complete this section of information and reflection on learning and living abroad for nearly a year.




Being in part, the summary and analysis of these texts.

Easter Term

Week of 5/15

Week of 5/22

Week of 5/29

Lent Term

Week of 1/16 including Vacation Readings

Week of 1/23

Week of 2/13

Week of 2/20

Week of 3/13

Week of 3/27

Michaelmas Term

  • Cognitive Surplus - Clay Shirky
  • "The Web is Dead" - Chris Anderson

Week of 10/25

Week of 10/31

Week of 11/6

Week of 11/13

Week of 11/21

Week of 11/28

Week of 12/12


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