Keeping track of research work is easy when it has its own home. It also becomes legible when it is documented sequentially in blog posts and websites. This page brings together past and present research topics and the places where they can be more closely examined.

>> Examining Political Cinema – A collaboration with Professor Konstantinos Kornetis sponsored by an Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Research & Teaching award, this summer of research investigates European film as a historical source in the 20th century.

>>Re-reading Cyberpunk - Before cyberspace was the world wide web, it was an object of science fiction imagined and developed by writers like William Gibson and Neal Stephenson and called cyberpunk. As independent research for my Modern Culture & Media degree, I read through the canon of this literature examining its themes, images, and ideas as a sign of culture to come.

>>Heritage at Play: Playing Irish – Beginning in a history classroom and stretching to the Republic of Ireland and back with a 32 minute documentary, Heritage at Play examines the role of gaelic games in Irish society. It was sponsored by an AT&T New Media Fellowship.

>> RiThought – As a Rhode Islander and a former student in Rhode Island, the Ocean State is often on my mind. With a group of friends including my brother Grady, I co-founded RiThought (pronounced re-thought) to think through the state’s problems and offer new solutions. Part political analysis, part economic imagining, part optimism, it’s worth a look.