Preferring writing to virtually all other forms of communication, Zack has always found blogs an ideal output for ideas, reviews, reflections, research notes, and project workspaces. He’s also never shied away from starting a new one, putting up many fresh WordPress install to serve fleeting ideas or short term events. And before that, he used free blog hosting to corral together thoughts on the World Cup or samples of his poetry. If you’re in the mood for reading, you’ve come to the (w)right place.

& a blog :: Zack’s master blog with the most frequent updates and the most diverse content. The go-to blog.

Overseas :: Adventures in the UK and throughout Europe as I complete a Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Cambridge.

World Cup 2006 Blog :: Eh, not the best thing I ever devised, but I was 17 so that’s forgivable.