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Art Swings big on Social Media

Like many New Yorkers, I was inspired to go see the final hours of Ann Hamilton’s “Event of a Thread.” It was an extraordinary show, heightened by expectations from the long lines and art-carnival atmosphere inside.

I also followed the lead of several friends and shared a few Instagram images and tweets. Sure I’d already seen a few on my feed, but I wanted to celebrate being there — really there. I got quickly got called out on this by a few friends. “The secret to seeing Ann Hamilton” one friend wrote, “is to stay home and open Instagram.”

He was right. Social media sharing through the last week of the Park Ave Armory show exploded as interest and attendance spiked. The final day had 3x the number of photos shared as the daily average. Tweets mentioning “Ann Hamilton” spiked 470% over the last week the show was open.

Even more interesting, just three Instagram users (@samhorine@pauloctavious, and @ikedeani) contributed four photos that collected 1/8th of all likes and comments. They drove the largest engagement spike of the entire show’s opening, four days before it ended. Were they the social media buzz agents who helped drive the event’s dramatic finish?

I pulled my observations into a infographic and shared the post proudly with Hyperallergic. Take a look:


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