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A New Day’s Work

Quick, name a digital artist. Name a piece of digital art. Name of work of digital art made in the last five years. Name a work of digital art made this year.

Almost no one, from consumate art lovers to soccer moms, can relate, explain, or detail anything about digital art. That might not seem too strange in the mysterious world of contemporary art, except that digital technology is all around us. To even read this, you require digital network access and web media literacies that are the canvases and tool sets of digital art. So why in the digital age- when music becomes electronically synthesized, cinema uses digital sensors and special effects, literature references YouTube and twitter- why should the whole world expect art to stay concerned only with oil paint and marble sculpture? Why shouldn’t we all learn more about the digital art world that is at once the avant-garde of the digital culture we live in and its most frequent critic?

With A New Day’s Work, Colleen Brogan and I have started a year-long project to showcase a new digital artwork every day of the business week. The entries are intentionally short: just 100 words or so, with links towards further information. We float an image or a video to the right, and sometimes even make our own video interviews with the artists like I did a few weeks ago at Transmediale in Berlin.


The point is to familiarize any type of visitor with digital art and not to frighten them off with complex monographs riddled with untranslated french passages, explaining how this art is a send-up of cubism through a pixelated paradigm. I mean, we still might have crazy phrases like that once in a while, but we try to keep things light.

Now entering a third month, A New Day’s Work is looking forward to nine more months of spreading the gospel of digital art with the wider world. I hope you make reading it (and tweeting it, and sharing it on facebook!) a part of your daily habit.

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  1. Colleen
    Posted April 18, 2011 at 6:42 pm | #

    Beautiful feature and description of ANDW. So proud to be working on it with you.

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