Zachary McCune

Zachary McCune is a rising senior at Brown University. He is concentrating in Modern Culture and Media with a focus in digital media. A student of film as well as history (particularly European & Medieval history), Zack was thrilled to study with Professor Kornetis in his History seminar “Political Cinema.” Writing on Lindsay Anderson’s “If….” and the represenation of Basque Freedom Fighters in Gillo Pontecorvo’s “Operation Ogro,” Zack found himself most interested in the filmic representations of radicality in post-war cinema.

After completing the course, Zack became a film projectionist for the MCM department learning how to screen 16 mm film, and studied “Classic Film Theory” with Professor Phil Rosen to complement his coursework with Kornetis. He will work with Professor Kornetis in the spring of 2010 as a Teaching Assistant for the re-structured “Political Cinema” seminar.

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