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Sports Reports

  • Saturday, Nov. 6th – Basketball game against Christ’s. Destroyed them 38-9. Had eight points. Defense was outstanding. Almost everyone scored and three of us (Alex, Hao, me) had eight. Fabulous victory.
  • Saturday, Nov. 6th – Disaster of a Football Match against Trinity “tit” Hall. Lost 7-0. Had to leave after first half. Played very poorly. Touches were not in control. Had a few shots on goal.
  • Friday, Nov. 5th – Rowing outing at 7:30 am. First novice boat on the river. Did a great deal of Eights work with new, bigger “cleaver” blades. Wasn’t perfect but still the best boat out (we’re told).


  • Sunday, Oct. 31st – Football against Engineering in Barton (village 5k out of town). Won 2-1. Forced an own goal for the first goal (attempted cross). Subbed for first part of second half. Subbed back when things got tight. Tons of headers/clearances to preserve the win in last ten minutes. (Other goal was from York)
  • Saturday, Oct. 30th- Basketball against Magdalene. Lost 32-27. First game of the season. Scored a free throw and a four foot jumper. Lots of missed lay-ups. Not a smart game.
  • Saturday, Oct. 30th- “Maverick” Rowing. First time rowing in eights. AMAZING. Beautiful day. Great feeling.
  • Friday, Oct. 29th – “Maverick” Rowing. Poor outing. Very haphazard. I caught three different crabs. Frustrating.
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