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May 2 / Zack

Sunday Morning Hurling

There’s no rowing for me this term. Won’t be around for the May Bumps, so I’m not much use for the team.

But I’ve decided to rejoin the Cambridge GAA squad to see if I can keep myself in marginal shape with a bit of Gaelic Football and Hurling.

This morning was the first time I actually followed through on my promises to show up for some play, and it proved well-worth it. I scored two points and two goals against Lakeheath (local American military base). I was absolutely overjoyed to score even once, as hurling is not the most natural of games unless you happen to have lived in Ireland. But all my play in Newport (just hitting the ball around the park) seems to have paid off!

The first point and the first goal were both particularly beautiful, with good dodges and solos in them. The goals were buried to the left and the right. At about chest height.

Looking forward to some more!

Hurling, and gaelic games more broadly, have been a passion since last spring, when I began researching for the Heritage at Play project that brought me to Ireland to film a documentary on the sports in Irish society. Since then, I’ve been fond of the game, and love playing whenever I get the chance.

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