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May 23 / Zack

Beyond a Boundary: Chasing Cricket

The scene at Jesus College cricket ground

Thursday last saw a McCune in the family’s first recorded cricket match. Having seen cricket many times before, my prejudice against the sport was fairly serious. The Ashes made me incorrectly believe all of the sport required months of painfully slow play in absurdly uncontested conditions. One Day Internationals showed considerably more promise, as the games had more discernible conclusions. Finally finding an appreciation for 20/20 cricket (roughly 3 hour games) I’d been down to some “nets” to try my hand at bowling and batting, and greatly preferred the former. So it was with great excitement that I bought a fresh white polo shirt and headed down to Jesus College to catch the first match.

It was a stunner. We’ll let R. Leigh summarize this extraordinary winning effort:

The Sel-win College MCR Cricket Club got their season off to a brilliant start on Thursday as they recorded an exhilarating victory over a strong Jesus College side.

Electing to field first, Selwyn were set a commanding total of 138 tochase, a score that reflected the absurd proximity of the boundary to thewicket. Zachary McCune should be given special mention for his heroic (iflargely vain) attempts to police the rope; fearlessly throwing himselfaround the dusty outfield, his exposed legs bore the cuts and grazes of atrue team player! His confident catch in the deep dismissed Jesus’ finesouthern hemisphere left-hander, signalling a change in the direction ofthe match. Our resident yank wasn’t the only player to excel in the field -Herr Steinforth, a recent transfer from the German Premier League, alsobagged himself an important catch, and George did his ‘thang’ behind thestumps. The bowling was solid (if a little expensive at times), andcontributions from Nick to the Brizzle, Ed ‘hop along’ PK, Ed ‘with a T’,and Rich ‘the Selwyn gardener’ Cartwright served to apply constant pressureto a solid batting line-up. Robbie Leigh will surely be disappointed tohave been hit for four in the final over by a girl. Who was rubbish atcricket. And she was a girl.

With the lucrative first innings complete, few could have predicted whatwould happen next. Sent in to open the batting as cannon fodder, LukeMiller and Donal Gorman of the 76 Ross Street Massiv secured their place inSelwyn history as they struck a fast and furious record opening stand of63. Miller was in particularly astonishing form, and his knock of 42 notonly set the Selwyn side up for victory, but also earned him thewell-deserved and highly coveted man of the match award. After ten oversSelwyn were – against all odds – in touch with the challenging run rate of7 an over, and despite the fall of the opening pair, Nick B and Ed PKcontinued the deluge of runs, scoring freely all over the park. There was aslight moment of panic as Ed lost his bails to a straight ball, butBristowe and new batsmen Bobby ‘Tendulker’ Leigh were able to knock off thefinal 30 runs, spurred on by the champagne support of their team mates fromthe side (of the bar). Deesh and Ali were particularly vociferous in theirmagnificent banter! Edging the winning run off the penultimate ball in atense finish to the game, Brizzer ran off the pitch in a blaze of glorytowards his ecstatic comrades, yelping vitriolic expletives. Leigh politelyshook hands with the opposition, as is befitting of a true Englishman.

All in all this was a true team effort – every man played his part, andSelwyn will be revelling in their shared glory for some time to come.

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