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Dec 8 / Zack

Essay Work: China & Basketball

Suffice it to say that I have not been too talkative about the whole ‘classes’ and ‘work’ side of my education at Cambridge? But with the diversions and entertainments and adventures afforded by this unique experience, who can blame me?

In an effort to fill in a part of the experiential gap, I’ve decided to share my most recent paper on China, Global Media Networks, and Basketball. This paper responded to the assignment “Are global media networks eroding local culture? Discuss with a specific case.”

I did a ton of research for this 20 page paper despite having just over two weeks to get the beast done. But here it is, written and formatted for your downloading/reading enjoyment. It certainly has not been graded yet, so why not enjoy it before I find out how horrible and inappropriate it is…

Slam Dunking in Beijing

I must confess that a great deal of the inspiration for this paper came from playing basketball this term amongst a team that was predominantly Chinese. That somewhat odd (but now in view of the research very understandable) phenomenon got my brain a-thinking… why were the Chinese playing basketball? And why did most of the Selwyn team, many of which have never been to the US, know more about the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets than me?

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