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Nov 27 / Zack

Roundball in Britain

The last time I played Basketball competitively I was wearing my high school colors. Back then, it was a 2 hr commitment a day 6 days a week. I burned out so hard on the sport, I rarely watched it and virtually never played it in college. Of course, basketball ran deeper in me than I perhaps cared to realize. And though I privately promised myself no American sports (only silly British ones) while I was going to be overseas, some fate conspired against me. Because my housemate, a Danish-Indian Nanoscientist ( a rock show) decided he was going to start a Selwyn College Basketball Team (they’ve never had one) and he asked me if I would play.

He assumed, pretty accurately, that because I was tall and American, this sport was rooted in my entire being. I told him I wasn’t really interested, but I’d help him set it up. Which I did.

Then I said I would help coach the team. But at that first practice, with all the old worries and anxieties of the sport gone, I threw myself back into playing basketball.

We’ve got a remarkably international squad. Kids from Greece, Germany, Denmark, the US, Canada, and Scotland. But most of the squad hails from the People’s Republic of China, where Basketball is THE youth sport.

We dropped our first game (literally 17 hours from our first practice) to Magdalene by five points. But since then we’ve been on a twenty point rampages, often doubling the score of our competition and actually winning our league to qualify for promotion!

Deesh, our Captain, promises us jerseys next term, and I the coach, promise new offensive plays and improvements to our 2-3 zone.

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