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Oct 1 / Zack

One Wolf or Several

Quite suddenly, things have become quite busy. It’s a far cry from my first evenings spent reading “Cambridge Colleges” – a four pound book replete with mispellings, offering an incredibly in depth history of each college at Cambridge- and sipping Absinthe in room so cold I was wearing a hoody to sleep.

Now when I come home I am being asked to play some football (meaning soccer, but saying soccer is veryyyyyy uncool), asked to attend this event, demanded to go this club, invited to have dinner here, and there, and there. Today, I literally returned from shopping to find myself committed to eight solid hours of programming.

Not that I am complaining! It’s been lovely.

Made all the more lovely actually by the fact that a strong core of six American Brown alums have semi-miraculously showed up at Selwyn in the past day. Some of these people are very good old friends I had no idea were coming to Cambridge! Like my friend Mark, who is coming from a cycling tour through Belgium, France and Holland. Mark and I were both in a section for MCM 15 together, which was a legendary course at Brown that was the basic introduction to critical theory (more a forced march really). Others are acquaintances becoming good friends. And still others are totally new, but are sure to become close, close friends.

It took me quite some time to find the football pitch. But I got back in time for hall with a new arrival in my “hostel.” After dinner, the Reverend of Selwyn hosted the “freshers” (new grad students) for a Wine & Cheese event in his home. That would be A LOT of wine and cheese. What a wonderful approach to religion. Between the beauty of its churches and the social forwardness of its clergy, I think Anglicanism is onto something.

There was drinking, drinking, drinking tonight. The British are very fond of their pints after all. We ran the Reverend out of all his wine (which was more than ample for 50 odd people) and then closed the College Bar. Bed time? Hardly. Into town, up into a club, drinking games with shots of boutique vodka. Then some clubbing. Why not?!

I was reminded on the long walk home of something the receptionist at the Surgery (British for Doctor’s Office) told me this afternoon while I was registering for the National Health Service. There was an included survey about drinking, and I scored quite low on the points total for a “Sensible Drinker” qualification. When I told this to the receptionist she just smiled and said, “not for long love. Not if you are studying in this town…”

Cheers to that.

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