dansemiotic machine


the dansemiotic machine is a flash-based animation controller. it allows users to manipulate and sequence animated patterns for entertainment purposes. play is simple yet surprisingly hypnotic. with three layers of animations, users will find hundreds of permutations to enjoy.

to use the 'dansemiotic machine' simply launch the applet, and full screen the interface. press any character key to cue an animation. each character key (a-z) will set off an animated sequence, with each row designating a different visual layer. be forewarned that the layers are slightly reversed; exploration is an important part of the machine and disorienting the user's expectations allows for a truer sense of experimentation.

there is no beat detection built into the program. instead, the user mediates musical progressions into the interface by cuing the animations in timed sequences that he or she hears and acts on, even unconciously.

so turn on some music and turn down the lights. the dansemiotic machine is a fun addition to dance parties, get-togethers, musical performances, and chill outs.

also, feel free to download the applet to your computer and play it locally. it will probably work faster, and look smoother. and if you have a projector, fire it up. the dansemiotic machine loves being seen as big as possible.

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